1. Acquire suitable property for a boarding school, not far from town or city centres, or within the planned community as such, which would offer additional advantages. A kindergarten would be day only, based on Montessori principles, and located in an urban area.
  2. Select principal and teachers.
  3. Establish curricula for 21st century education. Discuss with various authorities changes that should be made to adapt to the Indigo Child
  4. Develop programs for kindergarten (Early Childhood Development) through high-school, and for Home Schooling (sale of programs). Pursue possible grants for this research and development.
  5. Advertise by Spring of opening year.
The Competition

  1. A PUBLIC SCHOOL system which is purposely lacking in the dissemination of knowledge; stressed out teachers, who spend 90% of their time trying to 'control' their pupils, leaving little available time for teaching itself; costly textbooks, which are changed annually, to prevent used books being recirculated and limiting the market for the sale of 'educational' books; and disgruntled pupils, who see no point in attending school.
  2. A PRIVATE EDUCATION system with effective learning systems, yet they do not understand how to address the current generation of children (the 'Indigo Children' or 'Blue Race'), and although the market for private education had been growing by 30% annually for many years, the high cost of administration and dependence on complying with government regulations in order to continue in existence, has hampered progress, with more parents being persuaded to adopt the 'Home Schooling' program.
  3. HOME SCHOOLING: in the summer of 2001 it was reported that 1 in 50 students in America were being schooled at home. For parents who have the time and ability to do this, it is an almost ideal solution, but lacks interaction with other children, and still does not address the needs of today's child.
  4. The CURRICULUM developed for schools today does not address the needs of today's children. The subjects covered, the integrity of the content, the environment created and the attitude towards the child, is not directed to the 'Indigo Child', which since 1990 accounts for about 90% of all children born.
Extracted from Wholistic Healing:

"The Blue Race: update March 2000: these are now known as the Indigo children or Blue Children, and they have been coming in since about 1980, but more so since 1995. See the website or the book The Indigo Children (1-56170-608-6) by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll (e-mail address: These are very special children, tremendously gifted: in an attempt to suppress them and the understanding they bring with them, 'authority' prescribes an inordinate amount of mind-altering drugs for them.

"Common traits of these children are: they come into this world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it); they have a feeling of 'deserving to be here' and are surprised when others do not share that; they have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without an explanation or choice); they simply will not do certain things, such as standing in line; they get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented and don't require creative thought; they seem anti-social; non-conforming to any system; do not respond to 'guilt' discipline; and are not shy in letting you know what they need. But these children will be in due course the guides to return us, as a world, to the path of love.

"There is an agenda of incapacitation/ineffectiveness prepared for these children: they are prescribed Ritalin and other drugs as they are considered to be suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder etc ..... In many cases teachers have been told to inform the parents that a child may only return to school on condition that the child go on Ritalin or another drug.

"Adverse reaction to these drugs has been linked to the increasing number of shootings at schools and there is now a backlash against the use of drugs, rather than identifying and meeting the needs of the child, the family, the school and the community, where there is anti-social behavior."

Our Competitive Edge:

In national spelling contests in North America, top performers are routinely from home-school environments. Nearly 1 million of 50 million school-age children are currently being home-schooled in USA.

An Israeli psychologist, Reuven Feuerstein, professor at Bar Ilan University in Jerusalem, claims that intelligence can be taught to the retarded, which is at odds with the 'conventional wisdom' about what the retarded can learn. The results of his 30 years of research is supported by the Hadassa-WIZO Organisation of Canada, and demonstrated by the over 700 Canadian teachers trained in his methods [Edmonton Journal, 1983 02 14]. This serves to confirm the view that schooling needs to be extensively revised for the 21st century and that a business opportunity awaits those with the ability to put it together.

The arrival of the "Indigo Child" since the early 1980s, and especially now, has confounded the present system of early childhood development. As these children are highly advanced in intelligence, programs must be entirely rewritten to address their needs and capabilities. This NOT being competently addressed at the present time and has left a gap in the education system which needs to be filled urgently. They are our future leaders.

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