Most of the projects detailed in this Investment 2003 program have a positive effect on the environment. All will have a positive effect on the environment in the widest sense, but many will have positive effects on Mother Earth itself, the atmosphere, the rivers and the oceans. The birds and the animals will return to the fields where these practices are implemented, and fish will return to their former habitats.

There will be an important chain reaction. The fields which have been cleared of toxicity and energized will attract beneficial wildlife and rainfall (oxygen) and the water runoff will detoxify all lands through which it flows, including the springs, rivers, lakes and oceans to which it returns - all at no extra cost. Likewise the waters, inland as well as saltwater bays and coastlines, will be cleared of pollutants as and when treated, reviving marine habitat and food supplies in the oceans.

The one project not mentioned elsewhere is the production and use of structured water, otherwise known as super-ionised water.

One of the miracles of the 21st century is structured water: it has been shown to return the most polluted waters to clear, inhabitable/drinkable status very quickly. It is essentially a low-cost operation and at the same time it will be the most important, being a prime humanitarian venture which will greatly enhance the standing of the program itself (Investment 2003).

In the University of Georgia, in the early 1990s, it was discovered that every cell in the body that is diseased, or damaged in any way is surrounded by something called unstructured water. Regardless of the disease or injury, it is always surrounded by this unstructured water. On the other hand every healthy cell is always surrounded by structured water.

The only difference between structured and unstructured water is in the number of electrons that are in the outer orbits. These outer electrons are missing in unstructured water. This structured water is also called super-ionized water.

There is something different about this water: take an ordinary light bulb, and cut the wire so that when the two wires are touched together the light bulb goes on. When those two wires are put into water which is a dielectric, the light bulb remains unlit. But put the wires into super-ionized water, the light bulb comes on. And there is a flow of electrical energy through the water that is being described as liquid electrons.

The other interesting thing about this is no matter what the polluted water is, no matter what is in it, it turns it to this crystal clean pure water and even balances the pH perfectly to 7.0.

Put magnets in a hexagonal shape, run water through it, and immediately you have structured water. It is that simple. No bacteria can grow in it.

It is reported that water essentially goes through three stages: it starts as clustered water (under a microscope it shows hexagonal patterns, in the shape of a snowflake), which is the liquid a baby contains, then through gradual pollution changes to structured water, then to unstructured water, where there is little life left.

When put into polluted water it turns the pollutants (such as oil or raw sewage) into proteins and amino acids - the basic building blocks of life, and does so at an extraordinarily fast rate. The effects were demonstrated to high-ranking American miltary brass and scientists in Washington DC in 1999. They do not want to discuss it publicly because it has so many implications! The Turkish government however wishes to cooperate with other governments to help clean up world pollution as they have been so successful there in its use. Izmit Bay was the first project there.

The Competition

There is nothing that can be termed "competition." The byword of the 21st century is "cooperation" rather than "competition", although in many quarters this has not yet been realised.

There are so many environmental problems in this world of ours that it will need a concentrated effort to make any real impression. We hope to pave the way.

Our Competitive Edge:

Knowledge. The accumulation of more than a decade's research and discussion with many 'paradigm pioneers' has resulted in a remarkable library of knowledge of technologies both old and new, which, when coupled with wisdom - and financing, can make a significant difference to life upon this planet, for the benefit of Mother Earth, its inhabitants and, of course, also for our investors.

The overall result will be high profile projects world-wide, significant profitability (high profitability tempered by a humanitarian approach), low annual overhead and tremendous, positive environmental impact, creating employment by creating facilities for the production of our products.

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