1. Design and construction of a residential wholistic health clinic/spa, earth-sheltered, possibly on land acquired under Project A. Administrative headquarters might also be located in this same building, becoming in due course an earth-sheltered community complex, as this would include living quarters for resident staff. Furnish complex and engage staff as necessary.

  2. Production of drug-free preparations without side-effects to counter 21st century diseases and enhancement of the immune system would be an ancillary project to the use of proprietary regression of disease procedures used in the Clinic itself. Development of health beverages also on the agenda. These would be offered to hospitals world-wide as well as the retail market.

The Competition

  1. ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE, which directs attention to the symptoms rather than the cause, the sole domain of medical doctors, whose education is effectively controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

  2. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, which seeks to determine and treat the cause with medication or physical procedures, effective but normally outside government run health-care plans or systems, and paid for by the individual patient.

  3. Government-run HEALTH-CARE SYSTEMS, controlled indirectly by the pharmaceutical industry in order to promote their products and maintain market share, including hospitals, where (according to Newsweek - Meg Greenfield) "doctors, nurses and therapists and their technological equipment operate against a background of remorseless human shortcomings, bureaucratic inefficiency and indifference" and where "a relearning of attentiveness, individual accountability and care is needed."

Our Competitive Edge:

  1. A system of complete reversal of any disease, practised successfully in Canada since 1987, and optimized in 1995, which does not require any product and is 100% portable to any location in the world.

  2. Access to formulae for a series of drug-free, natural products, which would successfully combat any bacteria or virus in animal or man. These products constitute an advance similar to that of the bacteriologist Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin in 1928. Its use at that time emptied 30% of hospital beds in Scotland - a great success, but a FINANCIAL disaster for the privately owned health system, which promptly ostracised Dr Fleming ..... although he received public recognition, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The compelling need for such products and services today creates a manufacturing opportunity, as this would be widely welcomed even in today's hospitals worldwide, as well as offering solutions for the puzzling illnesses which beset mankind at the present time.

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