Mission Statement To enable investors sidestep the dangers inherent in investing in
stocks traded on the volatile stock markets of the world, and fraught
with the uncertainty of currency revaluation, by establishing
profitable, ethical, recession-proof and diversified businesses of a
humanitarian and environmentally-friendly nature.
Vision Statement We will set the guidelines for investment in the 21st century, creating
a new paradigm for investors and participants, and become leaders
in reaping nutritional harvests from the soil as well as harnessing the
energy of the mind for the benefit of future generations.
Values Statement We believe that the surest way to maintain viability is to ensure that
all involved benefit from the business - participants, investors,
suppliers and customers (as well as our environment) – keeping a
constant eye on developments worldwide and adapting to changing
conditions – before they actually change.
The original Nevada holding company (1993) may be dissolved
in favor of the new structure, or its name may be changed.
Several existing non-profit corporations, which have been involved
in intense research over a wide variety of fields for the last 15 years
or more, have pooled their knowledge and expertise to enable a
holding company [possibly Cosmic Holdings Ltd] to be set up to
oversee international operations and form subsidiary companies
under one or more jurisdictions as may be required from time to
time to carry out projects in specific fields.
Only nominal shares will be issued upon incorporation.
The incorporators or original researchers will act as the initial
Boards of Directors.
Nature of Business Diversified projects in essential services (agriculture, education,
health, shelter and transportation) melded into one organization
to benefit from cross servicing, central administration and from
the expertise of its originators as well as technologies available
today and tomorrow. We have found a niche and special
products to be developed for it.
The Team The background of the specialists who have worked on this plan
for many years and offer their continued services are detailed in a
separate document. Their varied expertise and experience includes
corporate administration, information technology, chiropractic,
healing practices, agriculture, alternative energy sources,
transportation, residential construction. We have brought together
an enthusiastic winning team, all with outstanding successes in
their fields of expertise, skilled in all the areas covered by our
various projects, almost all known as paradigm pioneers
those who think ‘outside the box’ - changing traditional ways
and thinking for entirely new approaches to problems.
In summary, a formula for success.
The Environment Scientific reports state that if the oceans’ water level rose by
twenty feet, all the major shipping ports of the world would be
rendered unusable. Receding glaciers, melting permafrost, and
global warming seem to confirm that this is a real probability
in the near future. One island in Indonesia for instance
(Bikeman) is already said to be 2 feet under water.
Location is therefore vitally important and water treatment
are a very important aspect of this project.


there has been todate no involvement in this series of projects by any bank, financial institution, international banker or financier, nor by international corporations, nor by industrialists. this is a plan for stewardship of planet earth and has been fine-tuned for investment by those involved in prosperity programs under N.E.S.A.R.A. and proposals for active involvement in the management of such projects is invited from those competent in any of the fields involved.

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