Authorized Capital
The authorized capital stock will consist of 100,000,000 shares of common stock, par value $0.10 per share, and 200,000,000 shares of preferred stock, par value $0.10 per share, of which none have been designated or issued.

Common Stock
Holders of shares of common stock are entitled to one vote for each share on all matters to be voted on by the stockholders. Holders of common stock do not have cumulative voting rights. Holders of common stock are entitled to share ratably in dividends, if any, as may be declared from time to time by the Board of Directors in its discretion from funds legally available therefor. In the event of a liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Company, the holders of common stock are entitled to share pro rata all assets remaining after payment in full of all liabilities. All of the outstanding shares of common stock are fully paid and non-assessable.

Holders of common stock have no preemptive rights to purchase common stock. There are no conversion or redemption rights or sinking fund provisions with respect to the common stock.

Preferred Stock
The Board of Directors is authorized to provide for the issuance of shares of preferred stock in series and, by filing a certificate pursuant to the applicable law of the legal jurisdiction, to establish from time to time the number of shares to be included in each such series, and to fix the designation, powers, preferences and rights of the shares of each such series and the qualifications, limitations or restrictions thereof without any further vote or action by the shareholders. Any shares of preferred stock so issued would have priority over the common stock with respect to dividend or liquidation rights. Any future issuance of preferred stock may have the effect of delaying, deferring or preventing a change in control of the company without further action by the shareholders and may adversely affect the voting and other rights of the holders of common stock. At present, the company has no plans to issue any preferred stock nor adopt any series, preferences or other classification of preferred stock.

The issuance of shares of preferred stock, or the issuance of rights to purchase such shares, could be used to discourage an unsolicited acquisition proposal. For instance, the issuance of a series of preferred stock might impede a business combination by including class voting rights that would enable the holder to block such a transaction, or facilitate a business combination by including voting rights that would provide a required percentage vote of the stockholders. In addition, under certain circumstances, the issuance of preferred stock could adversely affect the voting power of the holders of the common stock. Although the Board of Directors is required to make any determination to issue such stock based on its judgment as to the best interests of the stockholders of the corporation, the Board of Directors could act in a manner that would discourage an acquisition attempt or other transaction that some, or a majority, of the stockholders might believe to be in their best interests or in which stockholders might receive a premium for their stock over the then market price of such stock. The Board of Directors does not at present intend to seek stockholder approval prior to any issuance of currently authorized stock, unless otherwise required by law or stock exchange rules. The Company has no present plans to issue any preferred stock.

Use of Funds
When SHARES are purchased, the purpose for which these funds are to be used may be specified by the investor at time of purchase, subject to a percentage of the purchase price being allocated to general funds.

The percentage allotted to general funds is currently set at 20%.

An investor may specify, for example, that the amount being invested be allocated to a certain project (e.g. Agriculture), in a certain country (e.g. Canada), subject to that investment project being underway or being carried out in that country.

The Series of Shares issued will reflect that choice and any dividends paid will reflect the profitability of that segment.

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