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How much money has your business lost in recent years on the stock market?
Perhaps you might not like to disclose that?
Did you perhaps invest in Nortel, Canada3000 or Enron – like many others?

There ARE viable alternatives to the stock market. Let us show you how to avoid such losses in future and preserve your assets even under the most adverse economic conditions.

Financial collapse cannot destroy wealth: it can only transfer it. Make sure you are on the winning side. The time to buy publicly quoted shares on the stock-market is after the crash …. or monetary implosion!

This plan was tailored specifically to meet the unique dangers of the 21st century, while also geared to take advantage of 21st century trends, advances and technology. We know of no other such plan. It combines profitable humanitarian projects with straight business ventures - but all ventures are humanitarian in nature.

From birth we are conditioned to think along specific lines, being programmed by our parents, school teachers, the Church, business associates and others, so that by the time we are responsible for major decision-making in our personal and business lives, freedom of thought has been significantly suppressed.

In business for example we accept investment in stocks listed on the world’s stock exchanges as the standard procedure for increasing our excess wealth – ‘making our money work’ it is called.

Back in 1987 I began to research the field of economics, including specifically the Kondratieff Wave, having rejected the textbooks of the U of Toronto on Economics, and as part of a symposium entitled Life in the 21st Century chose Lindsey Williams as keynote speaker, starting off with a lecture on The Syndrome of Control and how money is manipulated. That very day turned out to be "Black Friday" – when the stock markets came within five minutes of a crash, according to the Financial Post. That was a most encouraging start! Although with that kind of accuracy I probably could have ‘gambled’ successfully on the world markets ….. or started an investment newsletter, like many others .......... I chose a different path.

"The Kondratieff Wave and the Great Depression of 1987"

A cycle of boom and bust named after Nikolai D. Kondratieff (1892 - 1938), the Russian researcher, who came up with these statistics – showed that depressions occurred every 60 years and forecast that the next one would hit in 1987. How accurate that prediction was.

Kondratieff however did not realize that these depressions are actually planned – the markets are manipulated by the issuers of currencies, to increase their assets on a regular basis.

After the hair-raising escape of October 1987, several further attempts were made to crash the markets and reissue the dollar. So far, all these attempts have failed. Stockbrokers have caught on to the behind the scenes intrigues and have refused to play ball.

Since 1987, when the stock markets came within five minutes of a crash, all our business expertise and research energies have been put into creating a depression-proof, ethical, eco-friendly, diversified business plan which would always ensure complete protection of assets, being immune to the negative effects of economic downturns – and even acts of terrorism, as they are too low-key to attract attention.

This plan will appeal to all those who seek an investment vehicle which will provide protection of assets while maintaining profitability; to the environmentalist; and to those who follow Islamic (Shari'ah) or other strict religious rules in investing, as well as to churches and institutions in general.


You have heard of "Blue Chip" stocks: we venture to call ours "GOLD CHIP".......... With the expertise in forecasting future world conditions and the ability to sidestep possible future disasters, this plan must be hailed as unique. It has been organized by a winning team of international experts in a wide variety of fields.

So, would you still prefer to continue gambling on the stock or commodity markets and risk decimation of assets? Or will you join us in investing in a profitable, ethical, humanitarian and environmentally sound venture, which should become even more profitable during a downturn in the economy?

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